Finch Match My Donation 2020

The results from our first-ever Finch Match My Donation campaign in 2020 exceeded our wildest hopes! We received just under 2,000 individual donations to be matched totaling over $850,000! London stepped up big time with this campaign and donated way more than we ever thought possible. That inspired us to dig deeper and match an additional $100,000 of the donations we've already received, bringing the grand total raised to $1,150,000!

We are so proud to call London home. Thanks to everyone who contributed and supported our campaign. Amazing things truly are happening in London.

Finch Match My Donation Launch

September 2020

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Finch Match My Donation Wrap Up

January 2021

total donations for the Match My Donation campaign


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Finch Match My Donation - Finch Auto Group will match your personal donation to a local cause dollar for dollar up to $1,000 totalling $50,000/month from September 2020 to December 2020

"During this difficult time it is more important than ever that we support our neighbours to make sure that there is ample food available. As a senior it was important to me to be able to do something to help. Back in April, I decided to make face mask and give them to anyone who needed them, if they had the resources to make a donation to me for the food bank it was gratefully accepted. Well it showed me the generosity of so many people. What started out to raise a few dollars has turned into a goal of raising $10,000." - Waterloo Region Foodbank

Pat S.

"I've been volunteering for this group for over 10 years. Amazing, open, loving people doing grassroots community work for the most vulnerable in our city. During the pandemic, they doubled their services, opened to men (had previously just been for women, non-binary genders), and have been facilitating 6 weekly free hot meals since April. All on community donations alone. While many other groups have closed down or limited their services, SafeSpace ramped up and restructured - stepping into the gap and safely supporting those struggling during this time" - SafeSpace London

Holly W.

"Showdown in the Downtown is an entertaining and engaging event that helps London Health Sciences Foundation build health resources that meet the needs of our community. This is a local charity that has done tremendous grass roots work over the past several years to improve the lives and health of many in the community. The need today is greater than ever." - Showdown in the Downtown for LHSF

Yusuf R.

"Our family friends, the Dunn family, lost their 33 year old daughter Allison to brain cancer in June after a 4 munth battle. Allison was a wife and mother of 3 young children. The Dunn family has done so much for others, those in need and the community at large. Allison lived her life thinking of others and giving of herself. There is a run in Springbank Park on September 19th in honour of Allison (an avid runner) to raise money for the Brain Tumour Foundation - Dunn with Cancer Research Fund. I'm running (solo, not relay) the 24 Hour Timed run event to raise money for the Dunn with Cancer Research Fund in the hope that lives can be saved in the future and 3 more little kids don't lose their parent." - Brain Tumour Foundation - Dunn with Cancer Research Fund

Martha W.

"Homelessness or home insecurity is a major issue in London. Everyone deserves the dignity of a place called home. It is a problem interconnected with mental illness, poverty and addiction. Indwell's London plans will make a significant difference towards providing hope and homes for all." - Indwell Community Homes

Byron C.

"The Y is an integral charity in our community focused on supporting children and families. I have seen first hand the great work the Y does. The Y is needed even more now as we navigate through this pandemic. Thank you as well to Finch Auto Group for this generosity and for supporting the YMCA Women Of Excellence Event last year." - YMCA of Southwestern Ontario

Heidi P.

"Our son Jordan, who needed support to attend CQE because of mobility and other challenges, attended for 17 summers as a camper and then as a volunteer, until he tragically died in a car accident in 2014. The money raised at this annual event, Jordan's Run the Runway, is in an endowment at the YMCA of SW Ontario, and provides full support for kids to go to camp who could not afford the experience. It also supports some capital costs at CQE. We have sent several campers in 2018 and 2019, and were on target to send several this year, including some for leadership camp. We are honoured that Jordan's legacy is giving back to the London Community and Camp Queen Elizabeth in Georgian Bay, a place he loved more than anything!" - Jordan's Run the Runway for Camp Queen Elizabeth

Janice S.

"It's painful to think of people in London going hungry when we have such wealth in this city. No one should be hungry in London." - London Food Bank


"The Showdown in the Downtown fundraiser supports many important charities in our community, including those with serious medical illness, vulnerable children and adults, and kids with Down syndrome. I think it is truly amazing that Finch is willing to step up and match donations in this manner. Many thanks for your support!!" - Showdown in the Downtown for LHSF

Andrew H.