CARFAX Vehicle History Reports on Used Cars in London ON

CARFAX Vehicle History Reports - available on all Finch Hyundai used cars - provide you with relevant and important information to help you make the most informed used car purchase possible. Past damage from accidents can impact a vehicle’s value, and a lien registered against the vehicle you’ve purchased could leave you stuck with someone else’s debt. CARFAX Vehicle History Reports from Finch Hyundai are the most comprehensive and reliable vehicle history reports in Canada, giving you peace of mind when you purchase a car. Never buy a used car without a CARFAX report!

The CARFAX Advantage

What you don't know can't hurt you. Ignorance is bliss. These two popular turns of phrase could not be further from the truth when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle in Canada. While most car dealers are honest - the team here at Finch Hyundai certainly take pride in being completely transparent and up-front - used car buyers are always better off to insist that an independent service provide information about a vehicle's history. With CARFAX Vehicle History Reports, a used car buyer can verify whether the seller has neglected to disclose any information about the vehicle for sale. That's the CARFAX Advantage.

Finch Hyundai is proud to offer no-charge CARFAX Vehicle History Reports on our entire pre-owned inventory.

CARFAX Canada is the definitive source of vehicle history information for consumers, car dealers, and the automotive industry. CARFAX Vehicle History Reports help used vehicle buyers and sellers make informed decisions by drawing on billions of data records to produce the most accurate reports possible.

Why are CARFAX Reports important?

The more information you have at your disposal as a consumer when purchasing a used car, the better. A CarFax Vehicle History Report helps you determine whether the vehicle you're considering is the right fit for you. Reports can include the following information:

  • ‣ Service records
  • ‣ Damage and repair records
  • ‣ Police reported accidents
  • ‣ Odometer readings
  • ‣ Canadian registration and branding
  • ‣ Manufacturer recalls
  • ‣ Actively stolen vehicle checks
  • ‣ Import records
  • ‣ United States history
  • ‣ Plus, the Verified report option provides lien records

Why do we offer CARFAX Reports?

The team here at Finch Hyundai want to help you find the vehicle that's right for you. By giving you a CARFAX Vehicle History Report on any used vehicle that you might be interested in, we're adding transparency to the used vehicle buying process, and disclosing the information that we have about the vehicle.

What does this mean for you?

Simply put, CARFAX Vehicle History Reports supply the most comprehensive vehicle history report available to Canadian consumers. The fact that the vehicle you are interested in from Finch Hyundai comes with a CARFAX Report at no additional charge to you, means you can be confident in the integrity of both the vehicle and in cur-buying process at Finch Hyundai.

How can you get a CARFAX Vehicle History Report at Finch Hyundai?

Easy! Simply click the CARFAX icon when browsing our Used Vehicle Inventory. Or come by the dealership in person and tell your Sales Consultant "SHOW ME THE CARFAX!"