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  • Carmen

    Excellent service!!! Frank was great and is obviously passionate about what he does! A real pleasure.

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  • iqaznili

    We have had a few bumpy experiences scouting for a potential new car, but Nick did everything smoothly and welcoming the process became so easy and the decision was truly a no brainer. We felt zero pressure and were conducted through it with a lot a patience and transparency. Truly a great experience with Finch and Nick!

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  • aliceharv

    Amazing Experience yes thank you Matt for all your help we love our vehicle thanks to you.

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  • MargaretC

    Just purchased a used car through Musaab Ibrahim and received the same great service we always get from Finch Hyundai. Musaab was extremely helpful and understood our needs. We didn't feel pressured as he showed us several options and explained the features. He also explained everything when we picked up the vehicle. As loyal Hyundai customers for over [...]

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  • J Kelly

    Frank was awesome to deal with, very knowledgeable and patient. We both felt comfortable and not pressured at all. Great experience getting our new 2022 Tucson. Highly recommend.

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  • isalondon_0919

    Customer service is amazing , everything is clean and organized. The team is amazing they show you all the things that works best for you. I would definitely recommend Hyundai!!

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