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Tom has been very passionate about cars from a very young age. He lost track of how many dream cars he’s had over the years. He had an excellent track record in his former sales position but was working with a product that he didn’t care that much about. Tom realized that it is extremely important to have a passion for the product you’re working with and, in 2017, decided to apply his sales experience to the automotive world. He hasn’t looked back since!

Tom enjoys spending all of his spare time outdoors - gardening, exploring, washing his car or any other excuse he can dream up for being outside. But he also loves building computers & gaming. And, of course it goes without saying that he’s crazy about cars – driving them, working on them, and everything else that comes along with them!

People area most surprised to see Tom outside of work when he ditches his usual button-up shirt, dress pants and formal shoes for a t-shirt and jeans. He’s been told he has a completely different vibe outside of the office! You can rest assured that you won’t feel pressured or hurried when dealing with Tom. He has sold vehicles to some of his customers in minutes and others in months, and he respects the fact that buying a car is a huge commitment. Tom will do his best to make sure you have fun, and turn what can be a very anxious and stressful experience into something positive and memorable.

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