Ray Kolyn


Ray Kolyn, Sales Manager at Finch Hyundai in London Ontario

To contact Ray

Email: rkolyn@seefinchfirst.com

Call: 877-660-2929

Given that his experience in the auto industry is best measured in decades, it's no surprise that Ray Kolyn has become a vital component of the functioning of Finch Hyundai.

Along with his loving wife, Ray is the father of 6, grandfather of 10 and caregiver to two adorable cats. He has a large and caring heart and has a passion for many charities, including the Canadian Cancer Society. With Terry Fox as his inspiration he continually believes in the concept of the underdog achieving greatness in the face of adversity.

As many of us here at Finch Hyundai have already learned, Ray is that person you can turn to for help knowing that he will be there for you completely without asking a second question.