Muhana Kurbaj


Learn more about Muhana Kurbaj, Sales Representative at Finch Hyundai in London Ontario

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Muhana has more than fifteen years of experience in the automotive industry. He joined the Finch Hyundai team in March 2018. Prior to that he worked in Dubai, achieving record-breaking sales and demonstrating great management skills as a Branch and Sales Manager.

In 2016, Muhana moved to Canada with his wife and their four children. He is now focused on gaining Canadian experience and expanding his expertise. Muhana is dedicated to personal and professional growth. His winning personality paired with a professional attitude and work ethic help him create an outstanding experience for every customer he works with and to surpass their expectations.

Prior to his involvement in the automotive industry, Muhana was a mechanical engineer, which gives him a wealth of knowledge on different car engines and their mechanisms, efficiency and functions. In his free time, Muhana enjoys spending time with his big and loving family. The friendly atmosphere at the dealership and amazing customers make the balance between home and work very enjoyable.