Matt Napiwotzki


Matt Napiwotzki, Sales Representative at Finch Hyundai

To contact Matt


Call: 877-660-2929

Matt joined the auto industry because he really loves helping people solve problems and providing them with solutions, and is really passionate about cars. He enjoys meeting new people and establishing new relationships, and felt a career in the automotive is perfect for him.

In Matt's spare time, he is an avid saxophone player, and loves to learn new things. He has a passion for music and playing instruments, and is currently learning guitar and piano! A fun fact about Matt is that he is studying Russian! Matt is fascinated by languages and wanted to learn a foreign one, and decided to try Russian on a whim, found he was doing really well and decided to keep learning it.

Matt is an amazing fit for your automotive needs because with Matt, you’re not just purchasing a vehicle, you’re also purchasing a representative for that vehicle (and the Hyundai brand) for life. Matt is always willing and able to contact clients anytime and help by answering questions or assisting practically such as providing transportation. Purchasing a vehicle from MAtt will provide you, and others you know, with a vehicle sales representative for life!