Jamie Coffin


Jamie Coffin, Sales Consultant at Finch Hyundai in London Ontario

To contact Jamie

Email: jcoffin@seefinchfirst.com

Call: 877-660-2929

Jamie is originally from the Niagara Region, but moved to the London area in 2005. The first car Jamie ever sold was a Saturn VUE, and although he has said back then he was nervous, scared and unsure,(maybe more than my customer was) that is gone and today he loves helping people make one of life's bigger decisions on what automobile they should purchase.

Jamie lives in St. Thomas with his beautiful wife of over 17 years and three energetic kids who enjoy playing sports, PS4 and arguing with each other. He also enjoys spending time together with his family outside in the backyard during the warm summer months, watching Hockey Night in Canada and writing music.

If you are looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle and would rather avoid the badgering and high-pressure tactics, Jamie is available and would love to help you out!