Darlene Vallas


Darlene Vallas, Customer Experience Manager at Finch Hyundai in London Ontario

To contact Darlene

Email: dvallas@seefinchfirst.com

Call: 877-660-2929

Darlene Vallas joined our team as Customer Service Coordinator in 2014 having already accrued 11 years of experience in the automotive industry. She was promoted to the position of Customer Experience Manager in January 2017. As such, Darlene has all of the knowledge necessary to ensure that all of our current and future customers are looked after in a prompt and effective manner. As the happy owner of a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe, Darlene has a deep appreciation for the Hyundai brand, a trait that she shares with many of our customers!

Darlene is happily married with a son and a daughter who keep her and her husband plenty busy away from work. Adding to that, Darlene and her husband also share their home with two dogs and two cats, which means that there is never a dull moment in the Vallas household! Darlene loves having family game nights and outdoor fun with the kids, though she also enjoys having date nights with her husband where they are able to spend time catching up with one another.

It may not surprise you to know that Darlene is a monthly donor to the London Humane Society and that she is extremely passionate about animal welfare. Darlene’s favourite hobby is making handmade cards as she loves creating things that are unique and tailor-made. Darlene says that she is consistently inspired by her young and the way that they always see the world through new eyes. She can be best described as ambitious, happy, enthusiastic and hard-working, which are all traits that make her an ideal fit at her current position. We are certainly very happy to have her on board!