Wiper Blades in London

When it comes time to have your vehicle's wiper blades replaced, trust our Expert Service Staff at Finch Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC. The Finch name is synonymous with quality, exceptional customer service and the best deals in London, whether you're purchasing a brand new vehicle or just a set of new wiper blades.

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Wiper Blades

Your regular maintenance routine should involve you or one of our Certified Service Experts thoroughly inspecting your wiper blades. If you choose a multi-point inspection from Finch Chevrolet, one of our Certified Service Experts will check your front and rear wiper blades. If you require new wiper blades, they will recommend a variety of options to suit your needs.


If the wiper blades on your vehicle have not been replaced in the past six months, visit our Service Department to speak with one of our Certified Service experts for their recommendations of the right sets of wiper blades for your vehicle

    Worn out wiper blades may display the following warning signs:

  • • Leave streaks or simply miss sections of your windshield
  • • Leave behind a blurry haze on your hindshield
  • • Skip across the windshield due to malformations of the rubber
  • • Lift off from the windshield completely due to deterioration in wiper arm
  • • Squeak due to excessive friction on worn blade

Conventional Wiper Blades

Advantage All-Season metal wiper blades are a good option for value-conscious drivers. The coating on the rubber helps reduce streaking, friction and noise and pre-installed universal adapters fit most wiper arms making installation easy.

Performance wiper blades made from natural rubber with corrosion-resistant epoxy coating, offer a high-strength steel construction with easy fit assembly.

Winter Wiper Blades

Winter Wiper Blades are available in either a Conventional style or Beam Blade Style. The Winter Beam Wiper Blades offer a specialty blade and include rubber boots to help prevent snow and ice build-up and a riveted steel superstructure for strength and durability.

Beam Wiper Blades

Beam wiper blades offer an innovative curved frameless design that helps conform to the shape of your windshield and to provide constant pressure for a uniform wipe. Made fom a natural and synthetic rubber compound, these wiper blades enhance wiping performance and durability in all weather conditions and the aerodynamic design helps reduce wind lift.