Maintain your Brakes at Finch Chevrolet

Our Certified Service Technicians at Finch Chevrolet are trained to understand the brakes life span of your vehicle and proper brake maintenance. Getting your brakes checked reglarly and getting proper brake parts replacement and maintenance with our Certified Service Experts not only extends your vehicle's life, but also gives you a peace of mind because nobody knows your vehicle better.

Below are some brake wear signs to look out in your vehicle.

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Expert Brake Service in London

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Signs of Brake Rotor Wear

Your brake rotors are rotating discs that help slow or stop the vehicle when brake pads make contact.

Signs of Brake Rotor wear include: brake-pedal pulsation, squealing or grinding noise, low brake-pedal height, and vehicle pulls to either side when brakes are applied.

Signs of Brake Pad Wear

These flat pads comprised of frictional material make contact with the rotor, bringing your vehicle to a stop.

Signs of Brake Pad wear include: Chirping, grinding, or squealing noise, difficulty stopping, and low brake-pedal height.

Signs of Brake Shoe Wear

Used in rear drum braking systems, brake shoes press against the inside of the brake drum, slowing and stopping your vehicle.

Signs of Brake Shoe wear include: low brake-pedal height, longer stopping distances, squealing or unusual noises, and brake-pedal pulsation.

Signs of Brake Caliper Wear

The brake caliper is a hydraulic clamp that pinches the brake pad onto the brake rotor.

Signs of Brake Caliper wear include: brake lockup, vehicle pulls to either side when brakes are applied, reduced braking force, spongy brake pedal feel, brake pedal pulsation, longer stopping distances, fluid leakage near caliper.

Signs of Brake Hose Wear

The brake hose carries brake fluid from the solid-steel brake lines on your vehicle’s frame to the caliper (disc brakes) or wheel cylinder (drum brakes). Flexible brake hoses are necessary to allow the caliper or wheel cylinder to move freely with your vehicle’s suspension.

Signs of Brake Hose wear include: spongy brake-pedal feel, visible hose cracks, fluid leaks, damp hose, vehicle pulls to either side when brakes are applied.