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When it's time to have your vehicle's battery inspected, trust our experts at Finch Chevrolet Cadillac Buick and GMC. The Finch name is synonymous with quality, outstanding customer service and the best deals in London, whether you're purchasing a brand new vehicle or having the battery inspected or replaced on your current one.

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Stay sure of your battery health an inspection from our experts at Finch Chevrolet. If your vehicle requires a battery replacement, we offer a wide variety of the best batteries on the market.

Warning Signs

Identifying battery failure signs can save you from a costly repair. Our Certified Service Experts use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment 22to test your 20battery health.

If your vehicle's battery is more than 5 years old, bring your vehicle to Finch Chevrolet.

    Warning signs to watch for:

  • • Buzzing or clicking during ignition
  • • Having trouble starting your vehicle
  • • Is battery eye (if equipped) dark or clear?

Common Causes for Battery Failure

  • • Loss of electrolytes due to overcharging, overheating and age
  • • Leaving your lights on
  • • Loose or undercharging alternator belt
  • • Excessive vibration due to loose hold-down or mounting
  • • Using tap water isntead of electrolytes
  • • Corrosion
  • • Freezing


Please note that these tips DO NOT apply to hybrid or electric vehicle battery systems:


  • • Keep your battery and casing clean. Dirt and other deposits can corrode battery terminals
  • • Check cables to ensure that they are firmly attached to your battery's terminals
  • • When disconnecting cables, always disconnect negative cable first and reattach it last
  • • Always charge battery in a well-ventilated area. The charging process releases very flammable hydrogen
  • • Always handle batteries carefully. A cracked case could spill harmful chemicals that can cause severe burns or blindness
  • • Dispose of battery in accordance with provincial regulations


  • • Wear jewelry when you are working with a battery
  • • Lean over a battery
  • • Simply guess as to what type or size of batteries your vehicle requires
  • • Attempt to charge a frozen battery; this could cause your battery to explode
  • • Disconnect your battery's cables while the vehicle is running