Questions about auto financing & car loans? The experts are here to help!

The financing of a new or used vehicle can be really difficult. However, Finch Chevrolet wants to simplify the process to ensure that it's never been easier!

We're here to help you through the entire process, from top to bottom. Follow the links below if you have questions about your current finance situation or if you are ready to apply.


Why Finance with Finch Chevrolet?

The Finch Chevrolet finance process, staffed by a group of financial service experts, is fast, competitive, and features offers tailored for specific customer needs.


Can I apply for credit online?

You can apply for financing on our website by filling out our quick, simple and secure Credit Application form. You can access our credit application form by clicking the "Apply for Financing" button located on every page of our site.


How are auto finance decisions made?

Financial institutions typically take four major factors into account:

  • Down Payment
  • Vehicle specifics (model, style, age, mileage, and cost)
  • Application information such as income, time at current job, and time at residence
  • Credit history

What does your credit score mean?

Your credit score is designed to help financial institutions predict the risk associated with your purchase of a car, house, credit card, etc. Essentially, it's meant to forecast how (and if) you will pay your bills.

The higher your credit score, the greater your chance of receiving a better financing offer from Finch Chevrolet. Four contributors to your credit score are:

  • Timeliness of previous and current payments
  • The length of your credit history
  • The type and amount of your debts
  • Your public records

How can I find out more about my credit history?

You can contact either of the major credit reporting agencies below to get more specific information regarding your credit score. Each agency can provide you with a copy of your credit report, including your credit score.

Equifax Credit Reporting Agency, car loan approvals in London at Finch Chevrolet Equifax
Toll-free: 1-800-465-7166
Transunion Credit Reporting agency, car loan approvals in London at Finch Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC TransUnion
Toll-free: 1-800-663-9980

I have excellent credit, what can Finch Chevrolet do for me?

Finch Chevrolet can offer you highly competitive terms, reduced time and effort, and a transparent transaction, guaranteed.


I have had past credit problems, what can Finch Chevrolet do for me?

Our Auto Finance Specialists work hard for our customers in order to accommodate most credit profiles. Even with past problems, you will still get the credit you need, the car you want, and the respect you expect and deserve as a Finch Chevrolet customer.


How much should I budget for my car payment?

The rule of thumb from most financial institutions is to spend no more than 15% of your gross monthly income on your car payment. For example, if you make $2,000 a month you should spend no more than $300 on your car payment.


What factors impact monthly payment?

Down payment, the amount financed, term (length of contract), and the annual percentage rate (the yearly cost of a loan) all affect the monthly payment.


What documents should I bring?

All buyers should bring a valid government-issued drivers license, a current pay stub, and a void cheque. Because different financing companies may require additional documentation, you will want to contact a Sales Consultant for a complete list of what you'll need to buy a car from Finch Chevrolet.

If you also intend to sell a vehicle to Finch Chevrolet, please contact a Sales Consultant for a complete list of what you'll need.

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