Graham Hawley

Meet: Graham Hawley

Collision Centre Manager

Carl Badder

Meet: Carl Badder

Collision Centre Estimator

Brittany Williston

Meet: Brittany Willisiton

Collision Centre Estimator

Kelly Aitken

Collision Centre Administrator

Nichol Waite

Customer Service Representative

Amyrra Derbyshire

Collision Receptionist


  • Production Area: 14,500 square feet | Technicians: 11 | Apprentices: 3 | Painters: 4 | Detailers: 7 | Shop Assistants: 3 | Parts: 11 | Damage Appraisers: 3 | Administration: 1 | Customer Service Representatives: 2 | Managers: 2

Finch Collision Centre has the most up-to-date service training.

By the time new systems and new models appear in the showrooms, manufacturers have already provided Finch with the latest training programs.

Finch Collision Centre has the best-trained technicians.

We employ a large group of independently certified technicians. Finch’s skilled technicians take pride in their knowledge and seek challenges with the newest technology.

Finch Collision Centre has the best tools and diagnostic equipment.

Manufacturers require dealers to have special tools and the latest diagnostic equipment so warranty work and repairs can be performed properly and quickly.

Finch Collision Centre has the latest technical information.

Manufacturers constantly update the procedures in their service manuals through regular advisory bulletins. A new diagnostic procedure can help a dealership technician pinpoint a faulty part, while a shop still using an old procedure may have to troubleshoot by trial and error. Our dealer network and special phone lines allow dealer technicians to consult with experts at the manufacturer’s headquarters.

Finch Collision Centre has the latest original equipment parts.

No matter the manufacturer or no matter the part, Finch Collision Centre ensures the manufacturer’s parts available from dealers are the right ones for your car or truck. They fit and perform best because they’re the same as those that went into your vehicle when it was built. Sometimes a new part becomes available to solve a particular problem. Finch Collision Centre is linked by computer networks, so they often can get a part quickly from another dealer.

Finch Collision Centre stands behind repairs.

Because we use the proper equipment, parts and certified technicians, Finch Collision Centre can provide guarantees on repairs. In this package is a written limited lifetime warranty on repairs.