Delighted to Back the Forest City Volleyball Club: Spreading Joy through Support!

Forest City Volleyball Club logo

The team at Finch Auto Group are delighted to once again extend our support to the Forest City Volleyball Club as proud sponsors. With nearly 25 years of operation, the club has served as a training ground for almost 2,000 aspiring athletes from the London area, many of whom have pursued volleyball at the collegiate and university levels. Notably, one of these talented individuals is our very own Ryan Finch!

Did You Know?

Established in 1992, FCVC has nurtured numerous athletes who have excelled in collegiate volleyball across North America. Among them are renowned figures such as Paul Duerden, a distinguished representative for his country, and Team Canada setter T.J. Sanders, showcasing the caliber of talent produced by FCVC.

Despite its modest beginnings, FCVC owes its enduring success to the tireless dedication of its volunteers. The club's mission is to introduce young enthusiasts to volleyball, fostering a lifelong love for the sport through programs like Mini-Acorn, Acorn, and Competitive Teams. Moreover, FCVC provides elite athletes with avenues to engage in regional, provincial, national, and tertiary volleyball programs in both Canada and the United States.