Georgetown Chev Cooks for Ronald McDonald House

Georgetown Chevrolet was over the moon to roll up our sleeves and dive into cooking dinner for the Ronald McDonald House Charities South Central Ontario on January 9th. With our chef hats on and smiles wide, we whipped up a scrumptious feast featuring mouthwatering stuffed peppers and freshly baked cookies. The kitchen was buzzing with laughter and the aroma of deliciousness as we embarked on this culinary adventure.

The experience was nothing short of amazing as we shared laughs, stories, and of course, some seriously good food with the guests and families at the Ronald McDonald House. From swapping cooking tips to indulging in seconds of our homemade treats, every moment was filled with joy and camaraderie. We left with hearts full and bellies happy, knowing that we had made a difference in the lives of those we served. Here's to many more memorable cooking adventures in the name of spreading smiles and good vibes!