2023 Business Cares Food Drive Grocery Store Weekend

Earlier this month, our dedicated staff from various dealerships came together to lend a helping hand at the Business Cares Food Drive Grocery Store Weekend. It was a heartwarming display of team spirit and social responsibility as our team volunteered across different locations, embodying our commitment to making a positive impact in our community. The collaborative effort aimed to support the London Food Bank.

All across London, participating grocery stores collected proceeds for the London Food Bank. Over the past year, the demand for food resources in our community has grown significantly, emphasizing the crucial role we play in making a positive impact.

Now, the fantastic news reverberates across our community— as of December 1st, the London community has collectively raised over 3 MILLION pounds of food. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the generosity and compassion of the individuals, businesses, and organizations that rallied together to make a difference. We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed, whether through volunteer efforts or donations. Your endless generosity has not only met immediate needs but has also fortified the bonds of community solidarity, demonstrating the positive impact that can be achieved when individuals unite for a common cause.