Pizza Night with Growing Chefs 2023

What an incredible turnout at the Growing Chef's Pizza Night! We're always delighted to back such an exceptional organization, especially when it involves their incredible wood-fired pizzas!

We are thrilled to contribute $1,500 to Growing Chefs in support of their Food Education Projects, a crucial initiative for our community. Growing Chefs! Ontario brings together chefs, growers, educators, and community members for children's food education projects. They offer a diverse range of Food Education Projects aimed at inspiring kids and communities to embrace nutritious, wholesome food. Their mission is to revolutionize how children, youth, families, and the broader community approach and foster healthy relationships with food.

Through these projects, Growing Chefs provides a platform for chefs and growers to actively engage with the community, promote food education, instill in children the confidence, knowledge, and passion for cultivating and preparing nutritious meals. Their dedication extends to supporting and fostering the expansion of food education for both children and families.