Mental health care research donation to St. Joseph’s

Ryan Finch has made a MASSIVE donation to
St. Joseph’s Health Care London

Mental health care has been an important cause for Ryan for many years. Finch Auto Group has invested in mental health care in our community by supporting St. Joseph’s Health Care London since 2016. We have done this through sponsorship of the annual event the Breakfast of Champions, as well as by sharing the proceeds of our own corporate activities, like our London Knight’s Casual Days.

For some time, Ryan has been thinking about making a much more significant donation to support changes to the healthcare system in London and has been working with leaders at St. Joseph’s to better understand what would be needed to make help make this type of change in our community.

The donation will have an immediate impact and support mental health care research critical to addressing the system-level changes needed to tackle the burden of mental illness on ourselves, our loved ones and our community.

“I feel lucky to be able to give back, with mental health at the forefront of so many aspects of life today, I wanted to make a difference and if this donation finds new ways to make it easier for people to get help, then it has served its purpose. Every moment when someone is hurting is a moment to be supportive. I want this donation to offer hope for people with mental health illnesses.”

- Ryan Finch

The donation will be used to support transformational change by funding three areas:

  • A new research Chair in Mental Health System Transformation – a first in Canada. The Chair holder will be a research leader who lead an interdisciplinary research program to identify improvements to the mental health care system making it easier for people to navigate the system.
  • Fully fund the second phase of a research project called the Mental Health Incubator of Disruptive Solutions (MINDS). The project is focused on access to quality mental health care, preventative measures and the intersection of social determinants such as housing, poverty and trauma. The work will focus on the mental health and wellbeing of youth and young adults. It will also develop a training program for mental health providers and leaders.
  • The development of future special initiatives that further mental health care system changes in London.

In recognition of Ryan’s donation, St. Joseph’s Health Care has renamed the mental health care building at Parkwood. It will now be known as the Finch Family Mental Health Care Building.