MercedesTrophy Golf Tournament 2023

A golf tournament like no other! Last Thursday, June 8th, Ryan Finch, Rob Stockie, and Mercedes-Benz London were thrilled to host the MercedesTrophy Golf Tournament at the Redtail Golf Club.

The MercedesTrophy is an international golf program created 34 years ago, and this year marks the 25th year in which Mercedes-Benz Canada served as one of the 30 participating countries. With more than 60,000 participants each year, the MercedesTrophy tournament series has become not only one of the largest amateur tournaments in the world but also the premier golfing event for Mercedes-Benz customers.

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Mercedes-Benz London tournament, Jeff and Patrick. In August, both gentlemen will participate in the Central Regional Final at the Muskoka Bay Club from August 21-22! From now until October, there will be local, regional and national qualifying tournaments across Canada. The tournament’s winners are decided at the World Final in Stuttgart, Germany – the cradle of the automobile and the hometown of Mercedes-Benz from October 3-7.

Congratulations again to our incredible winners! Best of luck as you continue to the next round, make us proud!