Pizza Night with Growing Chefs

What an amazing turnout for Growing Chef's Pizza Night!. We're always happy to support such an amazing group, and who could say no to their AMAZING wood-fired pizzas?

We were very happy to donate $1,500 to Growing Chefs to help their Food Education Projects, which are a vital part of our community. Growing Chefs! Ontario unites chefs, growers, educators and community members in children’s food education projects. They offer a variety of Food Education Projects to get kids and communities excited about healthy, wholesome food! Their goal is to change the way children, youth, families and the greater community learn about and develop healthy relationships with food. They provide an avenue for chefs and growers to get more involved in the community and to support food education, provide children with the confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm to grow and prepare good, healthy cuisine, and support and encourage the development and growth of food education for children and families.