Finch Match My Donation Spotlight: London Pregnancy and Family Support Centre

This week's spotlight Finch Match My Donation is the

London Pregnancy and Family Support Centre

london pregnancy and family support centre

The London Pregnancy & Family Support Center is a non-profit organisation that has been providing services to London and the surrounding area for over 30 years. They provide crucial assistance to women, men, and their families who might be facing difficulties as a result of unplanned or, in some cases, expected pregnancies. Their foundation is based on relationship support, and our objective involves a passionate holistic conviction in overcoming obstacles. We warmly welcome everyone who is active in the pregnancy and will help our client and their unborn child in the long run.

They all take the same method of advocating, educating, and empowering. This three-fold foundation to their services is manifested in many programming options geared to equip clients with optimally effective strategies, individually tailored to their own circumstances. FPFSC work to position and empower our clients for their potential success and compassionately stand with them as they reconcile their choices, whether this may be adoption, parenting, or post abortion. We respect and cherish life at LONPFSC, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, or religious beliefs, they think that everyone has fundamental worth. All people who want assistance are welcome, even those who may be marginalised by their circumstances but who are not defined by them, it is our intention to provide a secure environment.

"I was fortunate enough during my pregnancies to have a loving supportive family and all the resources I needed at my fingertips. I can’t imagine having to go through a pregnancy without the support or resources I needed so I love to reach out to the pregnancy and family centre to help all those families in need."

- Kayleigh S.

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