Finch Match My Donation Spotlight: Bethany’s Hope Foundation

This week's spotlight Finch Match My Donation is the

Bethany's Hope Foundation

Bethany's Hope Foundation

Bethany was born as normal as her brothers and sisters and her early life saw steady development, obtaining the usual milestones. Bethany’s only difficulty seemed to be her late progression in walking. She demonstrated a difficulty with balance. After an exhaustive eight months of tests this little 2 ½ year old was diagnosed with a terrible disease – Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD).On July 17th, 2000 after a courageous, dignified five-year struggle with this terrible disease, Bethany slipped away in her parents arms surrounded in love and peace, in the same hospital she was born just seven years, three months and sixteen days prior. Bethany’s struggle has ended however her legacy of hope endures and continues to inspire a community of men and women to find the answers to eliminate this wretched disease known as Leukodystrophy.

"The MLD Clinical Trials, when approved, will take place in London, Ontario at the Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre with patients from all over the globe. BethanysHope has launched the “Be on the Team” campaign, and we are counting on the generous support from ‘Team Members’ all over the world to find a cure for MLD once and for all."

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