Supporting Sebastian’s Superheroes

Sebastian's Superheroes

Paul Rodrigues, one of our top salespeople at Finch Chevrolet is a beacon in our community. Each year he supports Sebastian's Superheroes, an amazing initiative to help children with Neuroblastoma. This year he donated the use of a Cadillac for a weekend to whoever was closest to the pin!

Sebastian’s Superheroes began when Sebastian’s family became desperate for a cure for Sebastian’s battle with Neuroblastoma. Since the family had never heard of the disease prior to Sebastian’s diagnosis, it became the family’s mission to create awareness for this terrible disease that is affecting so many young children and their families. Unfortunately, Sebastian's fight against this terrible disease ended in May of 2011 and we lost another beautiful child to cancer. Sebastian’s Superheroes consists of a group of family members and friends who have been touched by this brave warrior’s courage and strength. We have donated our time and efforts in hopes that one day a cure will be found so that children no longer have to battle a disease that has already taken the lives of many brave, young warriors.

"Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer which has no cure and is an orphan cancer. Which means big pharmaceutical companies are not researching and developing medicine for this cancer because of the small number of cases which are only in the thousands per year. Any and all research is done with the small amount of contributions raised by families such as the Oliveira family who’s son Sebastian passed away over 10 years ago at the age of 7."

- Paul Rodrigues