Finch Match My Donation Spotlight: Camp Kee-Mo-Kee

This week's spotlight Finch Match My Donation is the

Kamp Kee-Mo-Kee

Camp Kee-Mo-Kee

From Summer Overnight and Day Camps to ‘Camp in the Community’ our camp team builds a safe and nurturing atmosphere for our campers, giving them the courage to try new things, the confidence to make new friends and the freedom to be their best selves. Integral to the success of our camper’s experience are our Inclusion at Camp program, Camp Values and Leadership Structure. Our commitment to these key areas give direction to the camp activities and create a space where silliness abounds, exploration is encouraged, and the sense of wonder that is inherent to the magic of camp is tangible.

"Every year hundreds of kids have the opportunity to explore their potential and discover who they are through participation in a community camping experience. Donations help to subsidize the cost of registration for families who need assistance."

- David W.

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