Finch Match My Donation Spotlight: Happy’s Place

This week's spotlight Finch Match My Donation is the

Happy's Place

Happy's Place

Every person seems to have a story of a special dog they once knew. A favourite memory, an adorable head tilt, or the unique way your dog captured your heart forever. Almost five years ago now, we met a little blind senior rescue dog who needed a place to be loved and to live out his golden years for whatever time he had left. And even though he was down on his luck, that little tail never stopped wagging. And so, we named him Happy. Little did we know then, that this little senior would change the course of our entire lives and lead us to where we are today.Happy showed us how to live life every single day to the fullest. He loved fiercely and let that happy shine so bright that every person who met him fell in love with him. The story of Happy’s Place Retirement Home for Dogs is one that will continue to unfold throughout the years, the story of how one little senior dog came into the lives of an ordinary family of four and started them all on this amazing journey into a world of bucket list adventures, second chances and truly helping each one of them to find their happy. We hope you continue to fall in love and enjoy following along with these little senior faces as much as we do. Welcome to Happy’s Place.

"There is something magical about old dogs and their ability to love without expectations and without conditions is something that is truly unique. Happy's Place brings awareness about senior dog adoptions and encourages others to open their hearts and their homes to love a very special dog too."

- Debbie B.

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