Reforest London’s Million Tree Challenge

The Finch Auto Group was very excited to support and volunteer for ReForest London's Million Tree Challenge!

The health and wellbeing of our local wildlife and ecosystem is especially important to us at the Finch Auto Group. That's why we were so happy to sponsor a tree planting day with ReForest London at the Oakridge Crossing stormwater management point on Sunday, October 24th. To make sure we could do our part to ensure the betterment of our community, over 25 of our team joined in with others from the public to plant 220 native trees and shrubbery. Thankfully due to the hard work of those volunteers, it took only 2 hours!

London's Million Tree Challenge is a call to action to the entire community to come together to plant one million new trees in the Forest City for improved environmental and human health. Founded in 2011 by the City of London and ReForest London, there is a need for the Million Tree Challenge because London's current urban leaf cover falls below standards necessary for a healthy community and robust infrastructure. Because of this we knew we wanted to help out in any way we could.

Tree planting near stormwater management ponds have extra-special benefits for the local ecosystem. In addition to the usual benefits of trees like clean air, these plantings also improve the pond’s water quality, benefiting all of the species that live in and around it, and also reduce erosion, helping keep the human-owned properties in the area in top condition.