Supporting 519Pursuit

Finch Chevrolet was very happy to be able to support the amazing out reach program 519Pursuit with a donation of 1000 face masks.

To help protect front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, GM Canada committed to producing 10 million face masks with an additional 500,000 masks to go to the community. Finch Chevrolet was given 1,000 of these masks to give to a local organization, and we couldn't think of a better group to give these to than 519Pursuit.

519Pursuit started as a grassroots program lead by its founders Allison and Amber after they found that the best way to help those in London's shelters and those experiencing homelessness was through a program based on empathy and friendship. Their foundation is built on meeting community members facing poverty and homelessness right where they are. This kickstarts reintegrating vulnerable members back into a supportive, and inclusive community. Through friendship, we are able to support honest trial and error while walking alongside someone who is wanting to do better for themselves and the community.