Thames Talbot Land Trust – Passport to Nature

Thames Talbot Land Trust

Thames Talbot Land Trust - Passport to Nature.

The Finch Auto Group is very happy to support TTLT with this years Passport To Nature. The Trust protects woodlands, wetlands and meadows, providing habitat for a great diversity of native flora and fauna, including at least 50 at-risk species. With the assistance of volunteers, TTLT manages properties to protect and restore natural ecosystems and provide opportunities for school groups and the public to learn about nature and conservation. The Passport to Nature is one of these amazing opportunities with many awesome events to choose from, such as today's Birding for Beginners, the upcoming Gardening for Pollinators and Butterflies of Carolinian Canada! We look forward to joining some of these amazing FREE events to learn more about our natural heritage lands.

To get your copy of Passport to Nature, Click here!