Finch Match My Donation Spotlight: Craigwood Children, Youth and Family Services

This week's spotlight Finch Match My Donation is

Craigwood Children, Youth and Family Services

Craigwood Youth Services is a registered, non-profit organization dedicated to serving the mental health needs of Ontario youth and their families for more than 60 years. Our programs are staffed and managed by a team of more than 100 mental health and child care professionals including Master’s-level clinicians, youth workers, teachers, trainers and administrative staff. Craigwood takes pride in its continuous development as a learning organization, committed to evidence-informed practice to achieve real, measurable, positive outcomes for our clients and community. Working with respected research partners in children’s mental health, Craigwood takes an active role in developing and validating best practices in the treatment and care of our young clients. See a sample of recent research and publications here.

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