Finch Match My Donation Spotlight: Lost Boys Hope Dog Rescue

This week's spotlight Finch Match My Donation is

Lost Boys Hope Dog Rescue

The mission of Lost Boys Hope is to help First Nations communities in Canada. They strive to reduce the over-population of dogs by finding homes for strays and unwanted dogs in Ontario, while assisting the community in conducting low-cost wellness and assisting at spay/neuter clinics. They also provide education, food and other supplies as they build relationships within these communities free of cost to them. Most of the dogs are from Northern Manitoba Reserves where vet care and food are scarce. Dogs are left to breed causing extreme overpopulation in the 100s. Dog culls or shoots are an occurrence in some of these communities, with no other quick solution to keep their communities safe. Lost Boys Hope believes strongly in spay/neutering, vaccinating and parasite control; it is the only way to stop the unwanted from being born and contagious diseases from being spread.

"We just adopted our pup Livi from this rescue 6 weeks ago and they have just rescued a group puppies with parvovirus and are in great need of funds to offset vet costs. They are located in Barrie and rescue dogs from northern Manitoba and northern Ontario off the reserves. There are many starving and neglected dogs they are trying to help."

- Keren P.

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