Finch Match My Donation Spotlight: Sari Therapeutic Riding

This week's spotlight Finch Match My Donation is

Sari Therapeutic Riding

How it started: SARI was founded in 1978 in memory of a little girl who loved animals. Sari Greenberg was born with Down Syndrome at a time when children with disabilities were often put in care. Instead, Syd and Jeanne embraced the opportunity to bring her home to the farm where SARI currently stands.

The vision and compassion of two parents put therapeutic riding on the map. It is now a valuable activity that has changed the lives of many others. The dedication of staff and volunteers makes SARI one of Southwestern Ontario’s most well respected therapeutic riding organizations.

"I have been a volunteer at SARI Therapeutic Riding for nearly 20 years and I am so proud of the work they do. SARI is an incredible organization that provides therapeutic horseback riding to children and adults with disabilities. Therapeutic riding provides physical, emotional, and social benefits to its participants. It gives children with disabilities an opportunity to participate in sport and form life-changing bonds with their horses and other participants. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit SARI hard and they were forced to close their doors and lay-off many of their staff. Over the summer they were able to bring back some riders, but it's still not safe to run their program at full capacity. Supporting SARI at this time is critical because so many young people in our community depend on the SARI horses, staff, and volunteers to provide them with therapy and bring them joy."

- Kate G.

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