Community Living London

Finch Auto Group is very happy to again support Community Living London's

Virtual Community in Motion event!

Community Living London is one of London's biggest and oldest non-profit organizations. They support over 1000 people with developmental disabilities every year. Prior to 1950, families of children with developmental disabilities had very few options. They could place a child in a provincial facility or maintain the child at home with virtually no support.
In London, Community Living London began in 1951 and was legally incorporated on January 31, 1952, then known as the Ontario Association for Community Living. During the 1960′s, the Association focused much of its energy on the development of preschool services and services for adults. The Rainbow Nursery was opened in 1962, and a workshop facility that was opened in 1959. As Community Living London celebrates more than 60 years, the agency continues to advocate for and develop services that will enable people with developmental disabilities and their families to live fulfilled lives.

This year they are changing things up, with the 20th Annual Community in Motion: The Serious(ly) Fun Run. This year's event has gone virtual! From Sunday, September 6th to Sunday, September 13th everyone is encouraged to walk, run or wheel 2km or 5km on their own. This year all participants are challenged as a collective to run walk or wheel 2,020 km in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Community in Motion. To learn more and register click here!