Supporting the London Children’s Museum

Finch Auto Group is very happy to sponsor the London Children's Museum.

The London Children’s Museum provides children and their grown-ups with extraordinary hands-on learning experiences in a distinctly child-centred environment. Part of the London community for 40 years, the Children’s Museum is where more than 88,000 children and their families visit each year to dream and play, and gather to learn and grow. The Children's Museum began in 1975, after founder Carol Johnston brought their family to the Boston Children's Museum and knew this was what London needed. It jumped from place to place until finally in 1982 it found it's current home in the former Riverview Public School after an amazing community fundraising campaign.

Exhibits and stimulating learning experiences allow children to explore history and heritage, investigate the complexities of science and social relationships, and celebrate the beauty in art and culture. The Children’s Museum helps children indulge their curiosity and play their way to a life of innovation and creative discovery. We eagerly await the next stage of the Children's Museum, once it opens next year at 100 Kellogg Lane.