Red Scarf

Red Scarf 2019

This year, Finch Auto Group is partnering with Red Scarf to help in their mission of ending the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. We are proud to be the ‘Supporting Sponsor’ for the Red Scarf Benefit Concert featuring bulow that will take place at the London Music Hall on November 22nd.

Red Scarf is a movement bringing community together to raise real awareness and knowledge about the positive advances in HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention.

Red Scarf stands against stigma to improve the lives of those living with, affected by and at risk for HIV/AIDS in our community.

The best thing is that the public has a chance to become directly involved in the Red Scarf campaign by either purchasing a scarf or knitting one of their own to donate back to a Red Scarf centre.

Since 2012, volunteers have hand-crafted over 10,000 red scarves. Just like the red ribbon, every Red Scarf is a symbol of awareness and support.

Learn more about Red Scarf here: