Banting Students OneRun 2019

Banting Secondary School take part in OneRun 2019

In May 2019, Finch Auto Group proudly supported some of London’s most dedicated youth in their effort to raise money for cancer research. The students at Banting Secondary School took part in armed with their passion for a common cause, hosted their own Relay for Life events, while Banting participated in OneRun instead.

Banting Secondary School students raise money for OneRun 2019

OneRun is an event that collects funds for breast cancer in particular and takes place during the day instead of overnight. Students in teams of 10 aim to run their own 100km during the event.

Raising money for cancer is a significant cause for the students, many of whom have a grandparent, a parent, a sibling or a friend who has suffered from cancer.

"ONERUN is proud to support cancer patient care programs provided by Wellspring London, London Health Sciences Foundation and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation". ‪#OneRun2019‬

Oakridge Secondary School Relay for Life

Stories like this one are just one of the reasons why Finch Auto Group proudly stands behind these students to help them reach their fundraising goals. We offered each school $3000, but it was the young students who really put in the hours to raise funds for cancer research.

The students at Banting Secondary School raised an impressive $26, 547 for breast cancer.

Events like OneRun offer the students a chance to make a meaningful contribution to their community and share a memorable experience with their peers and friends. It is an integral part of their high school experience and a perfect epitaph to the long school year.