Finch Auto Group Supports 25th Annual Pride London Festival

Pride London Festival is a non-profit organization that works to organize an annual opportunity to bring together LGBT+ communities and sponsors, through events and activities, which promote unity, inclusion and awareness to all members of our community. This year’s event marked the 25th annual Pride Parade in London Ontario. The colours of the rainbow flooded London’s streets from the Western Fair to Victoria Park. Thousands gathered to showcase their homemade posters and flags and to celebrate acceptance, love, and equality. The London Pride Parade celebrated its 25th anniversary downtown with big bright floats and cheering supporters. Finch Auto Group has proudly supported the initiatives and is honored to be involved in supporting our community. Pride is also an opportunity for London’s families to come out and, like one attendee says, to show their children that everybody should be able to love who they want to love. The attendees say that support for Pride grows every year, and that 2019 has been the biggest and most colourful Pride festival yet. At Finch Auto Group, we aim to consistently show our support to the community that has supported us through the years. We owe so much of our success to the individuals and families of London and the surrounding area, so we take every opportunity that we can to pay it forward. Happy Pride!