Relay For Life 2019

Saunders Secondary School students raise money for Relay for Life 2019

Earlier this spring, Finch Auto Group proudly supported some of London’s most dedicated youth in their effort to raise money for cancer research. The students at Oakridge, Lucas, and Saunders secondary schools, armed with their passion for a common cause, hosted their own Relay for Life events.

Raising money for cancer is a significant cause for the students, many of whom have a grandparent, a parent, a sibling or a friend who has suffered from cancer.

Jensen Tait – a student from Oakridge – writes:

"She lost all of her hair on Christmas Eve. That’s not supposed to happen to a person. But instead of focusing on it, she put a Santa hat on. While the rest of us were crying, she was holding it together. And I think that’s when I knew just how brave she is. Cancer didn’t stand a chance against her. But she did get sick. Very sick. My grandma was diagnosed right before Christmas in 2015. She was diagnosed with non - Hodgkins lymphoma, and they started the treatment right away. It seemed like endless amounts of chemo, too many needles to count, and yet she always smiled when she saw my sister and I. She ended up in the hospital because the chemo made her so sick, and when I went to visit her, I remember she laughed and said, “I feel like a pin cushion” as the nurse drew more blood. She’s been cancer free for just over 2 years now, and I thank the stars everyday that I get to have her in my life. Cancer threatened the thing I loved most in this world, and I relay because I need to do everything in my power to stop this disease from taking another life. My grandma got sick, and all I wanted was more sleepovers, more late night talks, more birthdays. I wanted more and I was fortunate enough to get it. I Relay for my grandma, and I relay for more time with the people we hold closest to us". #whywerelay

Oakridge Secondary School Relay for Life

Stories like this one are just one of the reasons why Finch Auto Group proudly stands behind these students to help them reach their fundraising goals. We offered each school $3000, but it was the young students who really put in the hours to raise funds for cancer research.

Lucas raised an impressive $179,000, while the other three schools did an outstanding job as well. Oakridge raised $121,000, Saunders pulled together $50,132.

Events like Relay for Life offer the students a chance to make a meaningful contribution to their community and share a memorable experience with their peers and friends. It is an integral part of their high school experience and a perfect epitaph to the long school year.