30th annual Scotiabank International Case Competition

The 30th Scotiabank International Case Competition was once again held at Ivey Business School. This year, the action-packed, four-day competition focused on the challenges and opportunities of the evolving consumer auto industry.

The competition is known to bring students from all over the world, and this year was no different, drawing talented competitors from Mexico, Germany, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Ecuador, Denmark, Hong Kong, Spain, and even Australia.

This unique experience offers the students a chance for international networking, real-world case experience, and – of course - a lot of fun. As the students from so many different cultures and backgrounds tackled a common case, it became a major learning opportunity to all involved.

A panel of judges was formed by the senior executives and Ivey alumni from Scotiabank and other companies. Ryan Finch, HBA ’97, was among them. In fact, to help the participants gain a better understanding of the car buying and servicing process in Canada, they toured the Mercedes Benz London dealership with Ryan.

Apart from being busy with case preparations, the students got to know one another and experience life in Canada. By the end, it became clear that people’s diversity actually brings them together and provides deeper insights throughout the competition and creates a vibrant social environment.

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