Southwest Trillium Hunter Jumper Association

Finch Auto Group is a proud sponsor of the Southwest Trillium Hunter Jumper Association.

The Trillium Hunter Jumper Association (THJA) began in 1983 with the assistance of the Ontario Equestrian Federation. Today, it aims to teach, foster, encourage and promote Hunter/Jumper competitions throughout Ontario. Their primary objective is to help develop, improve and encourage the exhibitors as well as trainers. But they also work hard to create and foster show standards in order to ensure that the officials and show management are able to facilitate these events to the best possible outcome.

“The THJA exists to provide an affordable, high quality, provincial hunter jumper circuit allowing equestrians to compete, grow and develop their horsemanship and sportsmanship skills.”

The THJA prides itself in offering the best league of Equine Canada Silver Sanctioned horse shows in the country. They only use Equine Canada certified officials in all of their operations, and the officials must pass a specific exam as well as keep their education level up to date. This ensures that everyone involved has appropriate and current knowledge and experience that will benefit the riders during classes and competitions.

Clear competition rules are imposed, ensuring that no matter where in Ontario you will be competing, the rules are always the same. These rules are reviewed annually to make sure they are clear and very fair. In addition, THJA provides drug testing through random selection, emergency services and insurance coverage for all of their competitors.

To learn more about the THJA, please visit their website: