El Sistema at the Aeolian

El Sistema at the Aeolian hall is a branch off a global program that took root in Venezuela in 1975. Their motto is “Music for Social Change”. The program was started by a Venezuelan musician, educator, and activist Jose Antonio Abreau and now has engaged millions all over the world, sharing the same goal of providing classical music education in an inclusive environment for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Our local program at Aeolian Hall in London Ontario offers classes five days a week, and also provides meals and snacks for the children who attend. But the most important outcome is the increased level of confidence, self awareness, and social skills among the participants.

Finch Auto Group is proud to sponsor one such student, Rasin Moradi. Rasin is twelve years old and has been participating in El Sistema for four years. He says that the music practice sessions and the concerts make him feel incredibly good about himself and give him a true sense of achievement. Rasin also feels more confident, because the music and the program overall really brings out the true him.

Rasin plays viola, clarinet, recorder, ukulele, with the main focus currently on the clarinet. He also practices at home every day. Apart from becoming an excellent musician, the El Sistema sessions have helped him deal with the drama at school and build more meaningful friend/ships because the students within the program all understand each other and have a shared passion for music.

For more information, please visit: http://aeolianhall.ca/education-community/el-sistema-aeolian