Finch Auto Group Sponsors Londoners Dream for Sunshine 2018

Finch Auto Group is a proud sponsor of the Londoners Dream for Sunshine 2018 event that was held to support the return of Sunshine DreamLift. Sunshine DreamLift is a whirlwind of adventure that transports a plane full of children to Disney Theme Park. News of the first ever Sunshine DreamLift hit London back in October 1987 when a London police officer and his lawyer friend Norm Aiken had plans to give children an unforgettable experience.

Many children who are impacted by this program live with multiple diagnoses, some which may fall under mental health. For the Sunshine Foundation of Canada, experiencing a dream come true is not just a day of fun, it’s something much more meaningful. It’s something that creates an opportunity to provide children with positive experiences and unforgettable memories that they can use to develop into a happy and healthy adult.

Fast forward to today, a group of 80 kids living with severe physical disabilities or life threatening illnesses will fill the London International Airport and hit the clouds on April 24, 2018. In support of this wonderful cause, Finch Auto Group has donated a total of $4,000 to help achieve the fundraising goal. Last night (April 19,2018), the corporate fundraising plus the silent auction raised just over $45,000 while the targeted goal was $45,000.