100 Women Who Care wins 2014 Pillar Innovation Award

100 Women Who Care was recently selected as the winner of the 2014 Pillar Innovation Award for its contribution to the community using an innovative approach to philanthropy. As a primary sponsor for the 100 Who Care program, the Finch Auto Group could not be happier about this well-deserved award being granted to an organization which is truly making a difference in our community!

100 Women Who Care London was founded by Londoners Susan Nickle and Twee Brown with a simple goal of getting women together to help the community they love. The chapter now has over 300 proud and motivated members ready to help London and the surrounding area! More chapters have formed in other Canadian cities as they got wind of what was being done and how simple and powerful the 100 Women model is.

800 people were in attendance at the Pillar Awards on Wednesday, November 19th which allowed the chapter to celebrate their fantastic achievement. 100 Women Who Care's London chapter is one of the most successful and prolific in all of North America, raising over $325,000 net in just 19 hours!!!

Once again, congratulations to everyone associated with the London chapter of this great organization. It is truly well-deserved.

If you would like to learn more about 100 Who Care London, we'd highly recommend that you visit their website and watch the video below from Brian Finch himself!!