Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Program in London

The Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Program has helped kids all across the country get into the game and to stay safe while doing it! By giving away high-quality Bauer hockey helmets to 5 year old kids nation-wide, Chevrolet is doing it's part to help grow the greatest game in the world. Over the past two years, they've handed out over 25,000 free hockey helmets to parent who registered with the program (it's quick, easy & simple).

Finch Chevrolet is London's home of the Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Program. If you have a five-year old who is registered to play hockey this upcoming season, stop by the dealership or visit the dedicated Safe & Fun Hockey Program page on our website to learn more. If you qualify for the program, we'll be happy to hook you up with a new helmet, no strings attached!

Chevrolet Safe and Fun Hockey Helmet Program begins August 19, with five year old Canadians registered in Hockey Canada programs receiving a free Bauer Hockey helmet