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Winter is here. What now?

Winter Driving in London is made better with Winter Tire Specials and Winter Service Specials Winter has come in like a lion here in the snow-globe that is London, Ontario. The fact that we went from sunshine and 20-degree weather to heavy snowfall in the span of under 48 hours means that many of you may have been caught off guard. If you were waiting to get your vehicle winter-ready,… Read more »

Don’t get caught without winter tires when the snow starts to fall!

Equip your vehicle with winter tires in London Ontario from your local Finch dealership. home of many winter tire specials Winter-time in Canada means snow, ice, cold and dicey road conditions that can vary widely across the country. For this reason, it’s a good thing that tire technology has advanced leaps and bounds over the years to help prevent winter driving from becoming such a daunting task.   Your preferred Finch dealership has a variety… Read more »

Check out these stellar Winter Driving hacks!

We’ve been blogging alot about winter driving lately; it’s kind of hard to avoid at times like these when our minds are so consumed with the ridiculous weather that Mother Nature keeps throwing at us. For most of us, winter driving is a simply a necessary, unavoidable evil. We grin and bear it for a… Read more »

So you’re caught in a snowstorm…

Our last few blog posts have been all about ways to stay safe while driving in the winter. Of course, anyone who’s been driving for a while knows that there are average winter driving experiences and then there are EXTREME winter driving experiences. It’s one thing to be out on the roads when there is… Read more »

Debunking myths about driving on snowy and icy roads

There is a good chance that you’re impeccable record is the result of the fact that you always drive extra cautious when the weather is at its worst. If not – if you believe that safe winter driving techniques apply only to less accomplished, experience drivers than you – then we’d simply like to remind… Read more »

What makes your Winter Tires better during these rough Canadian winters?

Many of you out there likely already have winter tires installed on your vehicles, and hopefully they’ve been there for a few months already. You’ve heard all of the talk about how winter tires are designed to keep you, your loved ones and your vehicle safer during the cold, Canadian winter months, and you’ve wisely… Read more »

In case you haven’t noticed, Winter Tire season has arrived…

Good people of London, it is with deep regret and sadness that we must inform you of some somber news: Winter Tire season is officially upon us. Winter has come in like a lion here in Southwestern Ontario, and treacherous drive conditions should be expected for the better part of the next 5 months. (Silver… Read more »