Winter is here. What now?

Winter Driving in London is made better with Winter Tire Specials and Winter Service SpecialsWinter has come in like a lion here in the snow-globe that is London, Ontario. The fact that we went from sunshine and 20-degree weather to heavy snowfall in the span of under 48 hours means that many of you may have been caught off guard. If you were waiting to get your vehicle winter-ready, we’d suggest that you shouldn’t wait much longer!
For example, if you were apprehensive about having your snow tires installed previously due to last week’s major heat wave, the upcoming forecast should give you the all-clear to make the move from your All-Seasons to your Snow Tires. When it comes to winter tires, a good rule of thumb is to wait until the daily highs come in consistently below 7°C. According to the AccuWeather forecast as of Tuesday afternoon, the absolute high over the next 5 days is only 6°C with a chance of snow on multiple occasions. Now is absolutely the best time to visit your dealer to have your tires swapped and your alignment checked.
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Now, if you’re not a “Winter Tire Believer”, allow us to take a moment to try and convince you otherwise.
While all-season tires feature standard tread patterns designed to get through your everyday driving conditions, snow tires have deeper and more advanced tread patterns designed to significantly minimize the effects of snow, slush and water when you’re travelling out on the roads. They’re also designed to bite into ice and snow, providing you with more grip in winter conditions. Snow tires are even made with rubber that remains more pliable in the cold winter weather, as opposed to all-seasons which can become dangerously hard in the freezing cold.
For more information about the virtues of Winter Tires over all-season tires, reference the videos below.

We don’t have to tell you that the weather here in the London area can be unpredictable. Why not do everything that you can to stay safe out on the roads when the winter weather arrives by investing in a new set of winter tires from your trusted local Finch dealer? Plus, with all of our fantastic Winter Tire Specials currently available, there has never been a better time to make the move to snow tires!
And while you’re in, be sure to ask an Advisor about our current Winter Service Specials designed to get your vehicle 100% winter-ready without breaking the bank!
Winter doesn’t have to win! Get ready to overcome the snow with Finch Auto Group!